Fit India Movement




Fitness for you Fitness for me

Let's make India fit and fine.

CBSE initiated fitness week to be celebrated in every school of India earmarking fitness movement. The motive is make Indians follow a healthy lifestyle and understand the meaning of fitness. The third week of November was to be dedicated for the celebration.


Activity Day 1-Yoga for All

Students of class VI to VIII were taught the importance of yoga and its benefits.


Activity Day 2-Workshop on Nutrition and Fitness

The school counselor and nutritionist apprised the students on healthy food and the diet. They should adhere to a healthy living. She also highlighted the side effects of junk food.


Activity Day 3- Free Hand Exercises

In the morning assembly students of Primary wing were made to do free hand exercises where students enjoyed a lot. They were aware of the benefits as exercise is a part of HHPS curriculum.


Activity Day 4- Poster Making Competition

A poster making competition was organized for the students of class V. The theme was ‘FIT BODY FIT MIND FIT ENVIRONMENT’. Students used their creativity and splashed colours on their canvas.


Activity Day 5- Physical Activities

Martial Art, Aerobics, Dance was a part of the morning schedule. Groups were divided and students were taught the benefits of these activities. School already is running these activities in its sports curriculum. Hence, it was easy for students to understand and adhere.

Activity Day 6-Traditional Sports Event

Kho- kho and kabaddi the traditional sports of India were conducted in  the school grounds. Teams were divided house wise and a competition was held.


Activity Day 7-Sports Quiz

To emphasize on 'The Fit India Movement"  Happy Home Public School organised a Sports Quiz Contest based on fitness activities and sports in  our daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle. It was an inter house competition. Four teams participated in the competition, comprising four students each. The Quiz consisted of four rounds. First round was about the history and awareness followed by visual round, buzzer round, and finally the rapid fire round. Every round was a mixed bag with questions from different fields of sports. All the students participated enthusiastically in the quiz.

Posted By : Happy Home | Date : 02 Dec 2019