Life @ HHPS

Students spend the formative years of their life in the school, it is very important to provide them with the most innovative and meaningful learning opportunities to inculcate confidence, creativity, reasoning ability and effective decision making. The everyday activities at HHPS prepare the child to face the challenges of the global world by improving their interpersonal skills, developing their personality as a whole and imbibing the courage and competence in them.

The global world requires smart citizens to face the limitless upcoming challenges. HHPS aims at transforming the students into smart citizens of the country through smart and updated learning. All the classrooms are well equipped with smart boards for effective and new day learning. It enables the students to become familiar with the new technologies of the world.

The students of the school are divided into four houses namely, Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, which are managed by their respective housemasters. Various inter house activities are conducted in the school to enhance the leadership, cooperation, teamwork and confidence among the students. Morning assembly is scheduled as per the house duties of each house per week.

Providing education to students not only means imparting academic education to the students but it aims at the holistic development of the child. For that purpose, HHPS provides a variety of sports activities for the students for their all- round development. The school provides a skilled team of trainers and coaches for the proper guidance of students in their respective sports fields.

In today’s time, trips and excursions form an essential part of the school curriculum. Here at HHPS, various educational excursions are carried out from time to time by the school as travelling provides abundance of knowledge to the students.

HHPS aims at imparting wisdom to the students by maximizing their skills and competencies. It prepares the students socially, morally and intellectually to become more enlightened, law abiding and responsible citizens of a global society.