School Uniform

It is mandatory for all children to come dressed in prescribed school uniform. Students shall not be allowed to enter school premises in case they are not in appropriate uniform code as laid down by the school. Students are not permitted to wear low waist and tight bottomed pants.

School Uniform code for all days has been implemented-

Wednesday, Saturday - House Uniform
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - School Uniform

  • Students need to come to the school well dressed, neat and clean. Personal hygiene is very important. Morning bath is a must for all the students.
  • Hair should be trimmed and neatly tied in a plait if long hair or a pony for short haired girls.
  • Hair should be checked and medicated properly for lice and dandruff.
  • Boys are to have army/crew cut hair.
  • Girl students will not be allowed to wear any gold ornament. The school will not be responsible for the loss of such articles.
  • Nails and hair to be trimmed regularly.